YUNGA Andina in APIMONDIA 2019, Montreal, Canada

Our Honey debuted in APIMONDIA 2019

YUNGA Andina was present with its own booth at the most important honey and beekeeping Exhibition in the world, which took place between September 8-12, 2019, in Montreal.

With more than 5,500 participants from 134 different countries, APIMONDIA is the biannual congress held by the International Federation of Beekeepers Associations, whose mission is to promote the development of the activity at a scientific, technical, ecological, social and economic level in all countries. .

One of the main objectives of the event is to provide a space for the exchange of information and debates between the different sectors involved in the development of beekeeping activity: scientists, honey producers, government agencies, technicians, etc.

YUNGA Andina had its International debut at such fair, generating a huge impact and a great repercussion among visitors due, fundamentally, to its taste and unmatched properties that make it an absolutely different honey than anyone else in the market.

Added to that was the impact generated by letting the visitors know the main objectives for which Agro Catamarca carries out the beekeeping activity and produces this honey, which are basically to maintain and expand the Natural Reserves of the Yungas bioma in the North Argentina. Undoubtedly, this purpose is a major plus when it comes to evaluating the product, along with its sustainability and environmental impact.

The presence of YUNGA Andina in APIMONDIA marked a before and after for the company, as it far exceeded our expectations, and definitely promoted the projection of this unique Honey from the Yungas Jungles to the International markets.