Yunga Honey

YUNGA Andina Honey

It is a raw organic dark multi-flower Yunga jungle honey, extra virgin with the highest quality and purity. It comes 100% from natural wild jungles.
Located between 3,000 and 3,300 feet above the sea level, our establishment “Los Amarillos, is part of a Natural Reserve of Native Mountain, in the Ancasti Mountain Range of the Andes, in the province of Catamarca, Argentina. It is one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity of the Yungas, composed by a large amount and variety of huge and medium trees and different plant species.

As a Natural Reserve, we grow tree species in extinction and carry out beekeeping among our main activities. Beekeeping is the key activity for the pollination of the vegetal species in the area of native reserves.

In our land and also in the land surrounding us, no intensive crops are developed. No activities that may use fertilizers, pesticides or chemical additives are carried out in the whole area. This is the key that allows us to obtain a premium and pure honey that is free of any pollutant agents.

As a result, we produce YUNGA Andina, a yunga honey that is born in a virgin ecosystem and elaborated with the highest international standards of organic production.

Yunga Honey 470 Gr / 16.58 oz
Yunga Honey 330 Gr / 11.64 oz
Yunga Honey 53 Gr / 1.87 oz


ORGANIC: It is 100% organic, certified by FOOD SAFETY S.A. , complying with SUE (Senasa/European Union), and NOP (USA/Canadá) organic regulations.

RAW. EXTRA VIRGIN:. Our honey is not “pressed “or “filtered”, that is why it preserves its high nutritional value from pollen and propolis. The process of “pressing” or filtering honey usually includes pollutant agents that affect severely the nutritional and medicinal benefits of natural honey. Extra Virgin Raw honey contains probiotics and enzymes that have great benefits, way above from Pressed and Filtered honey.

DARK. Besides collecting nectar from several kind of flowers from the Yungas, bees collect “honey dew”, which is produced by certain kinds of trees and plants from the native jungle. That is why our YUNGA Andina Honey has a dark amber color.

MULTI-FLOWER. due to its origin from a high biodiversity ecosystem like the Yungas, our honey possesses a greater concentration of vitamins, minerals and oligopolies. It has 20 times more antioxidants than the common honey. It contains high nutritional and medicinal benefits, especially as antimicrobial agent.

Yunga Forest Honey. As a jungle or montane forest honey from the Yungas, besides of having the same standard health benefits as regular honey, it possesses some extra benefits, such (as mentioned above) a higher levels of antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, but also a greater power against microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Jungle Honeys have another level of nutrition that goes way beyond the nutrition provided by the common honey.

GOURMET. This honey has a stronger, more audacious and distinctive taste than common honey. Intense aroma that range from spicy, smoked to herbal. It is very appreciated internationally by chefs and gourmet lovers because it marvelously combines with certain food, especially meat and cheese. It is less vulnerable to crystallization because it has lower levels of glucose and a higher mineral content.