Los Amarillos:
A Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship


Los Amarillos has an active commitment to the preservation of the forest/jugle matrix and the rainforest that dominate the landscape, as well as to its biological corridors.

Our project covers more than 17,000 acres that form part of a Natural Reserve of Native Mountain in Ancasti, Catamarca, Argentina. We take care of the Natural Reserve as we grow tree species in extinction and we practice apiculture, a key activity for the pollination of vegetable species in the area of native reservations.

In our land and also in the land surrounding us, no intensive crops are developed. In consequence, no activities that may use fertilizers, pesticides or chemical additives are carried out in the whole area. This is the key that allows us to obtain a premium and pure honey that is free of any pollutant agents.

Since our activities are carried out according to sustainable and organic standards, they find an attractive market in the forest/jungle products and they convey a direct benefit for the local communities.

For that reason, we train and educate each one of the individuals that form part of our company in the culture of respect and thorough care of the production processes and protection of the Yunga surrounding us.


Agro Catamarca S.A was founded in 2008 with the main objective of carrying out tasks in the context of the “Activities of Ecological Protection” in the lands with virgin mountains that were threatened to be cut down or damaged. As part of the main objectives was also the development of self-sustainable productive activities of organic character, in harmony with the ecosystem and the care of nature.

With such objectives in mind, we started out with a partial area of field of 1,200 acres which were converted in “Natural Reserve” as part of the “Chaco Serrano Conservation and Enrichment Project” (Law 26331-Law 5311) according to the Resolution N. 229 of the “Federal Council for the Environment” of the Secretary of State for the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Provincial Office of Native Forests of Catamarca Province.

The Conservation Project includes as main activity of enrichment the “Growing of Native Tree Species in Extinction” and “Apiculture” as a key element for the “Pollination” of the vegetal species of the area of the native reserve.

Having these objectives in mind, Agro Catamarca S.A. created “Los Amarillos Establishment”, where the beekeeping activity began to be developed with the idea of making the future eco-reserve projects be financed with the income and earnings produced by such activity.

Our land is totally developed in a rural field of Native Mountain which is situated in the Provincial Route N. 41, intersection Route to TAPSO, Santa Rosa department, El Alto location, Province of Catamarca, Argentina.